Giuliano Group

Giuliano Group S.p.A. has been present in Automotive Equipment since 1976. Since over 40 years, it has been manufacturing car tyre-changers, trucks tyre-changers, pneumatic platform lifts, electro-hydraulic lifts, wheel-balancers, body shop and testing equipment; thanks to innovative hi-tech solutions the Company has got the full satisfaction of its customers and achieved a leading position in world market.

Our History

Established in 1976 in Carpi (MO) as a Trading Joint Stock Co., with the name of Giuliano S.p.A., by will of Giuliano Maselli and other share-holders, it started as a mere Trade Company. In 1980 the Company style was transformed into Limited Liability Company.
In 1981 the headquarters moved to Correggio (RE), where in 1983 Fabrizio Bonacini entered into partnership with technical-production task.
With this new organization the Company started its production activity. In 1993 Giuliano Srl. acquired the trade-mark of the ceased MAIC, a Company based in Formigine (MO) manufacturing hydraulic lifts. Manufacturing of this new product, owing to more requested technical specialisations, has involved the internalization of all production stages, painting excluded. To pursue the policy of constant improving, imposed by the hypercompetitive market situation, Giuliano has set up inner procedures directed to optimize its staff's work, using informatics and boosting information-sharing. In such a context, Giuliano got ISO9002 quality certificate in 1999, and went on renewing and updating quality policy until the achievement of ISO9001 in 2003.

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Believe. Because only if you believe, you'll be able to really get involved, and covey to new generations the real Will To Try.

- Giuliano Maselli -
Giuliano Group

Foundation of the Group

After 35 years of business growth for our company, we have thought about developing a new and different structure for GIULIANO organization, in order to support you in an even better way, more professional and close to your needs. For this reason, we have created GIULIANO GROUP S.p.A., which is made by 4 different and separate business entities, with separate Specialty Equipment Dedicated projects, one for each different market segment and zone in the vast Automotive Equipment Industry:

  • Giuliano Industrial S.p.A. will deal with tyre-fitting equipment (tyre-changers, wheel balancers, wheel alignment);
  • Giuliano Automotive Equipment Suzhou will follow domestic Chinese market only (thanks to the presence on the territory);
  • TAG s.r.l. will deal with lifting equipment;
  • Dedra s.r.l. will deal with testing equipment.

This new organization grants a better identification of the different brands as well as of the specific mission of each new-born company and, at the same time, it enables taking advantage of all synergies created by the group.


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We enter new markets and consolidate existing ones with passion and enthusiasm. Creativity, efficiency, flexibility and innovation activities have driven our growth and success over the years.


Knowledge and specific skills allow us to meet our clients' needs with greater reliability and professionalism, so as to offer them state-of-the-art solutions.

Synergies and innovation

Different dedicated companies, each with their own expertise on the field, contribute to create ever more reliable and innovative solutions within the Giuliano Group.